Best Time to visit Bangalore

Best Time to visit Bangalore
Best Time to visit Bangalore
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Bangalore Tourism

Best Time to visit Bangalore

Bangalore is situated at a height of 949 meters (3113 ft.) above the sea level; the city is blessed with moderate climate throughout the year. Neither is it very hot in summers, nor is it very cold in winters. Most of the houses and schools in Bangalore didn't have fans or coolers till the beginning of the nineties.

So when to visit Bangalore?

June to September is accompanied with rains caused by the Southwest Monsoon whereas November and December carry the Northeast Monsoon.

As far as the weather conditions are concerned, the best time to visit Bangalore is in the winters. While the city experiences moderate climate all year round, the winter season is the best time for your visit. Winter in Bangalore offers a very pleasant experience to visitors with the lowest recorded temperature of 11°C. The combination of lakes and parks in the city make it an ideal visiting place in winter.

The peak season for Bangalore travel starts somewhere later September and the tourist traffic begins to decline in beginning of March. So if you are planning to visit the city of Bangalore is happening, be there between September and March and is a guarantee that you'll enjoy yourself thoroughly.

A visit to Bangalore in winter will also provide chance for the visitors to view the famous flower show held on January Lalbagh.

Winter might be the ideal time to visit Bangalore but that does not mean you cannot go there any other time. Bangalore is blessed with pleasant climate throughout the year. Summer temperature rarely exceeds 38°C and winter temperature hardly falls below 12°C. You can visit Bangalore in all season. Skip rains if possible i.e., between July and September.

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